Medical Radiography Careers

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Published: 03rd March 2008
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Radiography has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the field of medicine. Medical radiographers are professionals who utilize imaging instruments to x-ray different parts of human body, in order to analyze health problems accurately. The process includes medical imaging actions to discover health related problems. The Radiographer performs diagnostic tests involving X-rays with fluoroscopy, computed tomography and mammography, few years back ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging has been added to the list of specializations.

Moreover, professionals also assist the patients for radiology examinations by positioning them under the machines and ensuring proper doses of radiation. They are also responsible for maintaining the records of patients and radiographic machines.

Medical radiography holds a promising career path for aspiring candidates. As a Radiographer you will find an ideal job in medical practitioner office, clinic, hospital and diagnostic imaging center. Professionals are even offered management roles of higher levels, like Chief or Director, both in the private and public sectors. Depending upon your skill you can even find employment in research centers, where the level of seniority depends on the years of experience and specialty skills, besides education. The use of applied sciences in diagnosis is on the rise and there is a need for more and more professionals in this field to meet the growing demand. Since, it is nearly impossible to diagnose a disease without radiographic evidence; it has gained immense significance in the diagnostic field.

The American Registry of Radiology Technologists, ARRT, manages certifying exams for Radiology Technologists. A certificate from Medical Radiology Technology Board of Examiners (MRTBE) is compulsory for employment. To pursue a career in Medical Radiographer you are required to earn a bachelor degree in Medical Radiography.

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